About 12th Tribe

12th Tribe is on a mission to dress you for your favorite memories. Got a plan? We have an outfit for that. We don't just style with you a skirt or top - our goal is to dress you from head to toe! Don't believe us?! Check out our amazing community on Instagram in our tagged images. We LOVE seeing you in head to toe 12th Tribe.

We know the challenge of choosing the perfect outfit. We would all kill to have someone do it for us! Well, consider us your personal stylists. Your outfit is fully fitted at 12th Tribe and we are here to give you the complete look.

PS - we know there are many places to shop out there on the internet, but your purchase and even support means the world. We take your feedback throughout your entire journey as well - we are always looking to serve you better! Please feel free to always send us your experience. We love to hear it!!

How It Started

Hey Tribe Fam! Demi here. I am the Founder at 12th Tribe! Welcome to my passion project, turned global brand?!

Pinch me, because that doesn't feel real. Anyways! I started 12th Tribe right after college without much money to my name. I was living at home during the time, found a few vintage items, built a website, and ran through town doing pop ups every and anywhere I could!

Fast forward to a year and I said I was moving to LA. As soon as I did, I made my way through CA dressing women for a Coachella - which to my surprise was the biggest music festival of our year!

Over the years, 12th Tribe, has evolved from dressing women for festival season and travel - to every day and night wear. We can proudly share that we employ women around the world and have built a community of like minded individuals with not only incredible fashion taste, but a love for life's special moments.